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Outsourced Human Resources Recruitment Performance Management
Compensation Training & Development


How much should you pay to attract—and keep—talented employees?
What benefits should you offer? What perks to sweeten the deal?

Should you offer a bonus? What value do stock options add to the
hiring package?

Looking for answers? Be careful with what you read in salary surveys.
They’re a good way to learn what the going rate was yesterday. But they can’t
tell you what’s going on in the job market TODAY.

We can.

Alcock & McFadden shops the marketplace every business day. We have our finger
on industry trends. We map the geography of hot employment markets.
We trade shop talk with recruiters nationwide.

And we know what it takes to keep you competitive.

  • Job market analysis and evaluation
  • Industry surveys
  • Compensation structures
  • Salary ranges: individual and staff
  • Job description development
  • Bonus plans
  • Establishing stock option grant levels

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